Daily Sheet System

Compatible Software Systems
Daily Sheet System

Import Report Data from POS
User Friendly
Simple-> Enter, Print, Close Design

  • Conveniently view dollars scanned vs. manually entered
  • Track Fuel Gross and Net Volumes
  • Track in-pump card reader sales
  • Track and Report Credit Card Batches
  • Track and Report Credit Card Fees
  • Track Lottery by Ending Count
  • Import Inventory Paidouts from Hand Scanner (scanning customers )
  • Reprint or View Closed Daily Sheets
  • Generate "on the fly" time frame reports
  • Integrates to external accounting systems (with accounting interface)
  • Statistical Over/Shorts
  • Import Accounts Receibable Transactions from POS and port directly into Quickbooks, etc. (some registers do not support transactional A/R)

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